About Us

The Ohayon Board Excellence Center is a Professional center, designed to promote, improve and upgrade the work and skills of Corporate Directors. The main goal of the center is to equip the directors with practical tools that boost their performance and the functionality in the Boards of Directors, and that help their Corporations improve decision making and reduce risk.

For the first time in Israel, Board Members can find under one roof a variety of valuable ideas and tools, along with a wide range of professional services offered for the Board for directors.

In recent years there have been radical changes in the status of Individual Directors and Boards of Directors, their roles and their importance in the business world. These changes require also the birth of a new brand of a Board of Directors, which is conducted properly and well, knows how to navigate through the difficult challenges it faces, and with Directors who are aware of the great responsibility placed on them and are committed to performing at the highest professional level.

Michel Ohayon, Adv. the founder and the chairman of The Ohayon's Board Excellence Center, is an expert in corporate law and has decades of experience with advisory boards of various companies. Michel Ohayon was the first to determine that "a director – is a profession" and he developed special training programs for Board directors and chairpersons of public companies and leading organizations. His ability to visualize processes, "read the map" while striving to establish norms of excellence and integrity, are what brought Michel Ohayon to establish a center of board excellence in Israel.